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Lost somewhere in the middle

A sad little Abington Community

Clarksummitish Area
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All Members , Moderated
Ok, so I'm so very bored. Its somewhat sad the things that bordem can create, but anyway, theres never anything to do around here, so I thought I'd make a community where people from around here can post about stuff thats going on around here, things that happen here, things that would actually be interesting to do that others might not know about..etc.
Well, I have only a few requirements.
. Must live in Clarkssummit-ish area, I think you all know what that includes.
. Be polite. You don't have to agree with everyone, you don't have to like everyone, you don't have to care about anything anyone says, but please, respect the fact that they are still human, and if you do disagree, state it in a civil manner, I don't want any:
YeA, U SuK, B/c Datz dA GayesT ThIng I'vE eVer HeRd*
Please, try and show some intelegence.

Who knows, maybe you'll find some people from around here that you never even knew and that you may find very interesting.


Maybe no one will join this because its a lousy excuse for a community

Either way works

Do what you like with it, I hope some people actually find it.

Oh, and the "intrests" aren't necessarily intrests, just things I'm putting so more people may find this.